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Clare North Coaching Testimonal - Paula Holland

Paula Holland, Manchester

"The primary benefit I noted was the ability to apply certain techniques across the board to a wide series of goals. Through the sessions we discussed both career, social and physical/sports goals and I gained a deeper understanding that the same processes could work for tackling each.
I also felt that, through the course of the sessions, I was able to focus in on what was actually important to me: from starting with a relatively wide remit, I gained a clearer understanding of the issues/concerns that had the greatest impact on my overall happiness and well-being. This meant I felt empowered to “let things go” and so felt less overwhelmed and more able to take charge of my life."

Clare North Coaching Testimonal - Dani Collins

Dani Collins, London

"My coaching experience with Clare came at the right time in my career. Clare guided me in setting realistic goals early on in the process and kept them in our sight as we engaged with issues that popped up along the way.
Clare timed the coaching perfectly to enable complete success of my goals. Clare is professional, compassionate and ethical in her coaching work and she empowered me to take action on my carer goals. The results of the six month coaching sessions with Clare have been outstanding and I have achieved a significant progress in my career as a result. Thank you Clare.

Clare North Coaching Testimonal - Abigail Deeks

Abigail Deeks, East Sussex

"I think the biggest impact coaching has had on me is the ability to make choices with my wants and needs considered. I have been making more time for myself in order to regain my fitness, after years of making excuses that I didn’t have time because of family commitments. I have a broader mind as to what my choices are and don’t feel as limited to my end results.
I know now that sometimes you can’t do everything and some things have to go to achieve the more important goals. It has given me the confidence to go with my instincts and not be put off by negative views of family or friends. I am not going back to work because family think I am wasting my education; I am embracing the time that I have with my children and my partner and enjoying being fit and healthy again both physically and mentally."

Clare North Coaching Testimonal - Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor, Manchester

"Working with Clare was a very good move. I opted for some coaching with Clare as a way of helping me overcome to limiting beliefs and inaction around a project I was doing. I was also looking for someone to be accountable to as a way of keeping me on track.
Clare fulfilled the role perfectly. She has a natural calm yet assured style and managed to ask pertinent questions that helped me address a few things and unlock some extra motivation and confidence. She did this without me feeling overtly challenged and in a very non-judgemental way. I can highly recommend Clare based on my experience."

Clare North Coaching Testimonal - AH Quote

AH, Derbyshire

"Over the time that I have been working with Clare I have made significant progress on my goals. Looking back my goals have shifted over that time, as I don’t think I really knew exactly what I wanted at the start of the process.
Taking action (or not) towards my session goals has helped me realise what is and isn’t important in relation to my main goal – of feeling ready to get my business up and running. Clare has worked with me, and my ever changing priorities, with patience. I have felt understood and supported, even though at times I felt like my head was in a spin. Clare has a very calm nature and the coaching has really helped me to realise what is important to me, so that I am motivated to take action. In some ways I feel like a different person to the one I was when we started working together. I no longer feel overwhelmed, have much greater clarity, and have made so much progress on 'being ready'."

Clare North Coaching Testimonal - SB Quote

SB, Cheshire

"Coaching helped me break down an issue into manageable chunks and set myself achievable, realistic goals to improve my time usage. There was no right or wrong path but, through discussing what I wanted to achieve, goals were agreed and as I set them myself I completed them.
Small improvements quickly added up giving me a sense of achievement and that progress was being made. I was pleasantly surprised at what gains were made in such a short period of time and minor adjustments to how you do things can bring surprising results and successes. I feel I use my time in a much better manner, I don’t get bogged down with emails and fire-fighting, and I’m no longer a slave to my blackberry! I also managed to free up an afternoon every fortnight to work on important, non-urgent tasks which was my initial goal."



My approach

  • Do you have a desire for something more?
  • Do you struggle reconciling your dreams with the reality of making a living?
  • Unsure of what you desire and feeling frustrated at not having reached your potential?
  • Have too many ideas and unsure how to narrow down your options?

I show you how to find aligned action to bring your spark of an idea into reality. Through a combination of modern coaching techniques and the ancient wisdom of the chakra system, I guide you step-by-step through a process that moves beyond thinking the right thoughts to engage your body-mind in making it happen in the real world. Together we will uncover and explore barriers, nurture your commitment and build a support network to help you manifest your creation.

We meet on Skype/Hangouts/Facetime and together we design a structured program that meet your needs. This typically includes a combination of coaching conversations, writing/drawing exercises, visualisation and meditation. We start with an initial chat lasting up to 60 minutes to help us decide how best to work together.

A bit about me

My background is in Maths and Physics. I worked full time in Software Development for 15 years. As I moved into more senior roles within a large corporation, I experienced stress that with help I realised was due to doing work that didn’t align well with my fundamental values, needs and desires.

With the help of coaching, I have rediscovered what's important to me and have used that knowledge to build a career where I can express my passions and interests. I have combined the creative, artistic and playful with the analytical, corporate and serious, and I am happier, have more energy and feel I’m doing something meaningful.

I am also an enthusiastic Zumba participant, passionate mountain walking and committed yoga practitioner. Movement has always brought me joy, be it ballet as a teenager, or teaching aerobics in my 20s, and I was inspired to discover the chakra system which connects the body and mind and appeals to both my rational and intuitive sides. Thanks to this new understanding I am now free of the acute pain, injuries and yo-yo weight gain/loss that used to dominate my life.



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